Letting go is the hardest asana

Yoga for Kids

Classrooms need the pleasure-giving, community-building, and life-enhancing tools of yoga. Children need opportunities and encouragement to be mindful, as well as to move their bodies — their development depends on it.

Meet Play Learn LLC presents on location and virtual yoga programs for children and families.  We provide the instruction and mats, you provide the space – indoor or outdoor.

Kids will learn:

  • Balancing Poses

  • Strengthening and energizing

  • Stretching and lengthening

  • Spacial awareness

  • Boundaries and respect

  • Connecting to their body and emotions and the world around them

  • Self regulation

  • Focus and concentration

  • Language

  • and so much more…

How our yoga classes amaze people

I was looking for a way to jump start my digestive system so I asked Angie if there were any Yoga moves that would help. She showed me a sequence and got things moving within a few hours. I did not expect that to happen but hey ask and you shall receive.

Thank you for showing me that sequence because it has definitely been working.


E. Battle, ICLE Professional Learning Consultant/Speaker/Author

Get your kids to discover the power of yoga

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