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Yoga For Adults

Yoga has roots in Indian thought, but its content is universal. The only requirement is that you breathe and be attentive to your actions.

Yoga practice can be greater self-awareness and mindfulness. Practicing yoga with a trained instructor can benefit your mind, body, and inner self. With Yoga, you'll be able to relieve stress, strengthen your muscles, and promote your health and well-being.

  • 1. Yoga increases strength and flexibility as it awakens many areas of your body. It can help a rigid body become flexible. The more you use Yoga, the stronger and more flexible you'll become.

  • 2. Yoga works on the whole body. Besides the obvious differences on the outside, Yoga improves your internal functions as well, allowing blood to flow more freely to all organs.

  • 3. Yoga transforms your flabby muscles. The stronger your muscles become with Yoga, the more they will tone your body and rid it of excess fat.

  • 4. Yoga is a natural detoxification process. With increased blood flow to all areas, it helps to eliminate toxins from your body.

  • 5. Yoga can alleviate pain. More and more physical therapists are recommending Yoga for at home therapy. .

  • 6. Yoga relieves stress. This is probably one of the biggest benefits of Yoga. Because of the breathing methods and stretching techniques you practice during Yoga, you can actually feel stress leaving your body.

  • 7. Yoga harmonizes your body and mind as one. With your mind aware of what your body is doing, you can reap the rewards of a whole body and mind workout.

  • 8. Yoga stabilizes emotions. With Yoga, you'll find yourself in an almost meditative state that helps your endocrine system and emotional make up. No other exercise routine does this as well as Yoga.

  • 9. Yoga works well on arthritic areas. If you suffer from arthritis, Yoga can help stretch your muscles so they can move more freely.

How our yoga classes amaze people

I was looking for a way to jump-start my digestive system so I asked Angie if there were any Yoga moves that would help. She showed me a twisting/detox sequence and got things moving within a few hours. I did not expect that to happen but hey ask and you shall receive.

Thank you for showing me that sequence because it has definitely been working.


E. Battle, ICLE Professional Learning Consultant/Speaker/Author

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