Planting Seeds of Success in Children

July 26, 2018


1. READ EVERYDAY! Take turns reading to your child and let your child read to you. Ask questions to promote comprehension. 


2. Be positive. Affirm your child by speaking positive of them, yourself and others. Speak well of school and learning. Encourage your child to talk about things they enjoy and have fun doing. Acknowledge their efforts in their successes and challenges.


3. Create consistency with routine. Morning and bedtime routines, including mealtimes, nap-times, homework, play, etc. Having a visual display of daily schedule can be very helpful.


4. Get involved and STAY involved! Get involved in your child's school or class. Volunteer for community events that are of interest to your family. Being proactive in school and in the community teaches a responsibility for their own success, as well as the community.

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