How is marriage significant to parenting?

May 23, 2018


What a tremendous task it is to raise children! It is by far THE MOST significant responsibility one can have. If family is the most important institution to society, then the most influential individual would be a parent.  

The element that affects the most

When we think of parenting, often times our minds automatically think of  a mother. There is no doubt that mom’s are the bomb dot com. We are the oven that cooks the bun! Mom’s literally grow the seed! However, Dad’s are equally as important, lets not forget. The specific gifts that mothers and fathers bring to parenting the children may differ, yet when marriage and interpersonal relationships are used as a framework to raise a family the impact is powerful.  The connection our children witness in our household is going to be the element that affects them the most. 


The way that we interact with our spouse is inevitably the example the children will emulate.  These examples are the foundation for a child’s achievement and a vital piece of their learning. Together, parents can use their union to provide living, breathing, practical examples of 


  • love in action

  • empathy

  • service to others

  • mutual respect

  • consideration 

  • cooperation

  • attentiveness


With awareness of how we interact in marriage, followed by purposeful action, the union between spouses can be a positive life experience that will be the catalyst for the success of our most precious gifts. 

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