January 23, 2018

Happy New Year! 


2018 is here and a fresh new start is upon us.  As a huge fan of new beginnings, I'm always excited about setting and meeting new goals. Becoming more intentional about my family's physical and emotional health and wellness is at the top of my list.


See...what had happened was...


Last year, I took a sincere step inward. After spending most of the previous years totally enthralled in giving outwardly, I decided for 2017 I would make doing things I enjoy a priority. Exercise is a stress reliever for me and yoga has quickly become my favorite workout. I made time this past year to learn and practice more. When I took a moment to reflect on the expansion of my yoga practice, I realized that it really impacted me in various aspects of health and wellness. I want to share what I know with my daughters in the hopes that they discover the benefits I did. 


For 2018, I have included a resolve to introduce my children to yoga. In the past, my girls have always seen me working out and often times my littlest one will mimick a yoga pose here and there, but I've never really seized those moments to instruct and direct her in a way that could spark and expand her interest in it. Because my girls range in age 6 yrs to 23, I'm hoping that this is something we can all do together. 


The benefits of yoga goes beyond exercise. Outside of increasing their physical strength and flexibility, the benefits of yoga for children can include:

-helping them relax and calm down to reduce stress

-promoting self control

-improving coordination and motor skills 

-developing body awareness, confidence and self expression

-promoting social interaction 

-encouraging a healthy lifestyle


Of course, just telling my kids that yoga is good for their brain and their body won't make them want to dedicate themselves to practicing it. I have discovered as a parent and educator, the best tool I have to encourage children to do anything is to do it myself. Children naturally imitate what they see. This means, I'll need to be intentional in exposing my daughters to yoga. There are several kid yoga videos out there, however, since my main goal is time shared, I will create opportunities for us to do it together by scheduling it into our routine. Children thrive on routine and order, not to mention how critical it is for a multitasking mom. If I stick with the schedule, they will come to expect it and increase the likelihood of a family habit. 


Another helpful way of introducing anything new is through the power of books. I love love LOVE books. It has always been an awesome way for me to introduce to new ideas, address challenges and start dialogue with children. Presenting a new gift is a great motivator as well, so we will definitely be grabbing new colorful yoga mats and towels. After poking around on the internet I have found various books and literary resources for teaching kids yoga.


Check out my Pinterest board for a look at awesome resources



Trip to the store for yoga gear - check

Signed up for class at the Y - check

Interesting age appropriate literature to share -check

I'm ready to do this!


Overall, my goal for a new year is to always do better and be better than the last. It is extremely important to me to foster and maintain a connection with my children as they grow up. Whether or not yoga is something that they decide to learn more about and go further in their individual practice is not as important as the bond I'm sure we'll make during the process. I'm always looking to expand our horizons as individuals and as a family. This should be fun! I'll keep you posted.


Is there something new you want to try or an interest you can share with your family? I encourage you to explore a new activity with your squad this year!







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