Survival Tips for Successful School Mornings

September 1, 2017

Let's face it, most of parenting is a challenge, but nothing tests patience like getting ready for school in the mornings. Washing up, combing hair, eating breakfast, preparing backpacks...yeah...all that will have you and the kids banging at breakfast. That's not how we want to start the day. The thing is, reliable schedules and routines can make a world of difference. Both children and adults thrive on predictability and structure. If we take the time to create effective routines for going to bed and waking up the stress associated with school mornings can be eliminated so that we all can have a great day. Here are some suggestions: 

1. Don’t put off until the morning what you can do this evening. The evening prior is the perfect time to prevent panic in the morning. 

-Make lunches

-arrange clothes

-assemble backpacks (homework, permission slips, etc)


2. Morning chaos IS cause for alarm! Do not depend on habits or your internal clock to wake you up. Let the family collaborate on deciding a wake up time and set it in stone…no snoozing.


3. Here’s the plan…outline the morning schedule during a family meeting. Everyone can contribute therefore everyone is fully vested in the team goal, which is to start the day off stress free and get out the door fully prepared and on time. Make a detailed itinerary, itemizing morning tasks and post where everyone can see.  


4. Finally, stay focused. Concentrate on the steps listed in the itinerary and avoid complicated tasks, discussions or chores. Save it for the evening.


5. Smile and have an AWESOME day!



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