To play is to learn

Social Activities

MEETPLAYLEARN believes that playing is an essential part of development. Our mission is for all children to have opportunities for learning, self-discovery, through socialization and guided playtime activities.

We offer:

To play is to learn

Onsight Event Care

We are experts in managing groups of children. When you include childcare at your meeting or event, you show attendees that you prioritize family. Not only will it increase attendance, it will enhance the experience and create great memories for the kids!

To play is to learn


CEO, Founder, Early Learning Strategist, Family Lifestyle Coach, and yoga instructor Angela Hill, is a military spouse, mother of four and a skilled educator with over 20 years of experience in providing tools, resources, and information to support children and their families. 

A best-selling coauthor with a personal mission to empower all families on the journey to experiencing their best lives, she offers a strength-based approach to realizing happy, healthy, relationships that promote playing, learning and growing together. 

Her vision is seeing happy, healthy families who are strong leaders making an impact in their community and in the world.

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