Can my kid do yoga?

Yoga can be described as a series of movements connected to breathing. I believe that anyone can benefit regardless of age, fitness level or physical ability.

The benefits of yoga for children is extensive. From young children to teenagers, inactive kids to student-athletes, yoga can help:

  • Increase concentration

  • Lower stress

  • Improve body control and awareness

  • Reduce risk of injury

  • and more...

Kids can practice yoga on their own or it can be used as a great social tool or family workout. And because yoga is non-competitive, it can be done in groups of people with varying athletic abilities. Finding activities where kids can discover quality movements and observe improvement without the pressure to win or compare themselves to others is important.

There are lots of terrific kid books and resources about yoga for children. A few of my favorites are "Good Morning Yoga" and "Good Night Yoga" by Miriam Gates & Sarah Jane Hinder, and "I am Yoga" by Susan Verde.

Yoga is a mess-free, all-season, all-weather, inclusive activity that can be done just about anywhere, with no supplies. A mat is not required, but it is helpful to establish boundaries with children. Compared to other sports equipment, a yoga mat is rather affordable.

Getting your child to try a new thing can be challenging. If your child is resistant, encourage them by reminding them that:

  • Yoga can make you stronger.

  • Most professional athletes practice yoga.

  • Yoga is not just for girls, boys do it too!

  • Yoga is not always slow.

  • You can create your own yoga poses.

The best way to introduce yoga to your kids is to do it with them! It's a great way to get moving and spend time together. All of the awesome side effects of yoga apply to grownups too!


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